Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like my portraits, can I have them retaken?

Yes, we are happy to retake your portraits as many times as you like until you are 100% satisfied with how  they turned out.  We never charge for retakes.  You may mix and match your sessions when you place your finished portrait order.

I need to reschedule my appointment, how do I do that?

You may do reschedule your portrait appointment online here using your client ID number and password that you created when you made your first appointment.  Or you may call us to reschedule.

What do I need to do to prepare for my photographs?

Each school is a little bit different, depending on what your school requires for the yearbook.  When you make your appointment, we will let you know the requirements specific to your school.  You will also receive an email with details 3 days before your portrait appointment.  Watch this short video for to prepare in general for your portraits.

What happens after I have taken my portraits?

Because most of our portraits are taken on location, it takes a little time to get them posted online.  Even with today's digital world, we need to receive the paperwork and images from  the photographer before we can post them.  In general, your portraits will be posted online within 2 weeks.  You will receive an email when they are available to be viewed online with instructions on how to select an image for the yearbook.

You will also receive physical paper proofs by U.S. mail.  We have found that many of our customers and their parents prefer to see a traditional, physical proof of their images.  The proofs are on loan to you, so we require that you send them back when you are ready to order.

Can I opt out of having proofs mailed home to me?

We automatically mail home proofs to everyone.  However, at the time of your portrait session, if you specifically request not to receive any proofs, the photographer can note it in the paperwork and we will not send you any proofs.

My child is in a grade K-11 and not a seniors.  How do I order portraits?

Please visit our sister site here.