Lauren Studios is the official photographer for Fallbrook High School!


To see your appointment time: CLICK HERE

We will be on campus 9:00am-5:00pm July 20-24 & July 27-31.  No Saturdays or Sundays.

If you need to change your date or time, click the reschedule button below.  Use the client ID number found on your postcard.

Senior Portraits will be taken in Room 102 over the summer.  If you don't have an appointment call us for an appointment.

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Your client ID number is 16FLBK-YourStudentIDNumber It can be found on the postcard we mailed home.
The first time you login, use the left side of the login screen and your Client ID number to create your account.

We recommend that gentlemen wear a shirt, jacket, and tie.  Ladies should wear a nice sweater, dress, or blouse that covers your shoulders.  Spaghetti straps or halter tops are not flattering in head and shoulder pictures. 

After your yearbook poses are taken, we will photograph personality shots.  These are highly personalized sessions designed to capture your personality and style.  Bring up to 2 extra outfits for these photos.  Have each outfit reflect a different side of your personality - playful, creative, sporting, etc.  Don't forget your props.  If you're a musician, bring your instrument and an outfit to play in.  If you're a basketball player, bring both your basketball and uniform.  Your senior portrait will be a fun creative expression of you.  Enjoy it!!!

Here's some helpful hints to prepare you for portrait day!

Hello class of 2015! Are you ready to have your senior portraits taken? View this video for some helpful hints and suggestions.